10th Global IP Convention, 23-25.Jan.2018, Bangalore, India

Opublikowano:February 14, 2018 Autor: Sylwia G

The 10th Global IP Convention was held in Bangalore, India, during 23-25 Jan. 2018. The conference was organized by Dr. Dhanpat Ram Agarwal, the Founder Trustee of Institute of International Trade and the director of ITAG BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LTD. The representatives of IIP fdn. held a speech on “Digital content – data mining, copying and AI […]

PEPP was hosted at the office of the IIP Foundation, 17.Jan.2018

Opublikowano:February 14, 2018 Autor: Sylwia G

Pawełczyk legal office and IIP fdn., with the support of Ius Publicum fdn., hosted an international group of Ph.D. students visiting University of Silesia as part of the 8th edition of the PEPP event. The Ph.D. students were representants of such counties as Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and New Zealand. The meeting was moderated by […]

Katowice 16 Jan. 2018, lecture Earth Observation Satellite

Opublikowano:January 22, 2018 Autor: Sylwia G

A very interesting speech was given by fresh graduate student Aleksander Zaton on 16th January at University of Silesia, Faculty of Law and Administration. He was talking about legal issues concerning Earth Observation Satellite, international legal documents and lack of uniform international law. He explained the notion of “satellite” and issue of nationality of a satellite as […]

The Programme in European Private Law for Postgraduates – 17.Jan.2018

Opublikowano:January 15, 2018 Autor: Sylwia G

IIP fdn. z siedzibą w Katowicach jest jednym z organizatorów tygodniowej konferencji międzynarodowej organizowanej w ramach pt. The Programme in European Private Law for Postgraduates. PEPP w całości dotyczy europejskiego prawa prywatnego. PEPP jest skierowane do doktorantów z dziedzin szeroko rozumianego europejskiego prawa prywatnego. Projekt organizowany od 2015 roku ma na celu poszerzanie wiedzy i […]

Earth Observation Satellite – lecture, 16 Jan. 2018

Opublikowano:January 15, 2018 Autor: Sylwia G

IIP fdn. invites to a lecture held by fresh graduate student Aleksander Zaton, who will share his thoughts and ideas on legal issues surrounding Earth Observation Satellite and will provide an introduction to a discussion.   Venue: University of Silesia, Faculty of Law and Administration, 16 Jan. 2018, 17:30, auditorium 4. Cafergot Online Buy Benicar […]

08-12.11.2017, CINEMAFORUM, Warsaw

Opublikowano:November 10, 2017 Autor: Sylwia G

Films, workshops on copyright and film production, discussions .. and many more.. for 5 days long .. Marcin Adamczak – Festival’s Director   Alex Leszczyńska – a few insights into good pitching Zofia Horszczaruk  – agent of sales – why would you need one? Katarzyna Wilk – strategy on how to pick a festival Barbara […]

08.11.2017, Warsaw Legal Hackers – Privacy and New Technologies

Opublikowano:November 10, 2017 Autor: Sylwia G

A great interactive speech on RODO was given by Dr. Paweł Litwiński (a specialist on data protection) and Mateusz Litewski (representing Uber). The Q&A part was very appreciated by the audience. Latanoprost Online Buy Zanaflex Buy Atenolol Online Buy Toprol XL without Prescription Bimatoprost Online Buy Topiramate Buy Zanaflex Online Buy Coversyl without Prescription

Katowice October 2017, European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises

Opublikowano:November 10, 2017 Autor: Sylwia G

The panel held on 19.10.2017 during the ECSME on “Changing conditions of making business” gathered a lot of attention”. Here’s a flashback: From the right: dr hab. M. Mirosław Pawełczyk,prof. UŚ; dr dr Marek Niedużak; dr hab. Adam Szafrański, prof. UW; dr Marlena Maria Jankowska, minister Borys Budka Among many panels, workshops and discussions, a […]

CopyCamp – Internet of Copyrighted Things, 28-29.September 2017, Warsaw

Opublikowano:October 22, 2017 Autor: Sylwia G

Warsaw at that time of year – a place to be !! CopyCamp – an event to attend !! Recordings of all presentations delivered at CopyCamp 2017 are now online at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0dvfTVwKCJrXzNyaSru0J00i1N_Z4dpC You may also watch the conference summary at: https://youtu.be/d78EZ2yzFBM Here’s some pictures to it     Cafergot Online Buy Zaditor Buy Ketotifen Online Buy […]

Science drives forward, 27-29 September, Sosnowiec

Opublikowano:October 22, 2017 Autor: Sylwia G

On 27-29 September 2017 in Sosnowiec Humanitas High School organized the Congress of Practitioners of Science and Business. Its page: naukanapedza.pl IIP fdn. was there, too !! Here?s some pictures to it.   Lumigan Online Buy Topiramate Buy Topamax Online Buy Plavix without Prescription Xalatan Online Buy Latanoprost Buy Ketotifen Online Buy Benicar without Prescription

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